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JAGA Fragrance & Spice room sprays are concentrated and guarantee to stimulate your mood, revitalize the air around you and transform any room/car. Simply spray x 2-3, you will notice the instant aroma.
Contains no parabens or phthalates. Vegan friendly & not tested on animals.

AUSSIE BUSH: The true scent of the Australian Bush, with strong woody tones of sandalwood, cedarwood indulging hints of wattle, desert pea, lavender and orange.

LEMON MYRTLE: Fresh green herbal notes perfectly balanced with light citrus fruits of lemon, lime with a hint of rosemary, to create this unique Australian scent.

ORIENTAL MYRRH & MUSK: A warm luxurious blend of myrrh and musk, complemented by floral notes of magnolia and jasmine with hints of tonka bean and amber.

FRENCH VANILLA & BOURBON: BOURBON: A rich and masculine scent in a combination of refined vanilla beans, musk, malt and tonka beans. This is one of my best sellers.

COCONUT & LEMONGRASS: An exotic combination of fresh coconut and oriental lemongrass. Leaving a fresh and lingering aroma.

BLACK AMBER & LAVENDER: A unique combination of french lavender and the bark of amber, added hints of vanilla, tonka beans and sage. This is one of my favourite scents, it is warm and inviting.

FRESH & CLEAN: Blended with bergamot, lily of the valley and light floral hues and lightly based with vanilla, this fragrance will leave your space smelling like freshly folded laundry.

ARMANI: Combined to make this intriguing aroma, is brown sugar, floral hues, sandalwood with hints of mint. This fragrance has a scent similar to that of the fragrance.

LAVENDER: Just like the picturesque French countryside rich in lavender, this scent exhibits herbaceous rosemary, lavender and a touch of vanilla beans and timeless patchouli.

JORGIO: Similar to that of the perfume is a feminine combination of floral and earthy tones, hints of jasmine, vanilla amber and more. This devine fragrance is one of my most popular fragrances.