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A beautiful classic but modern tumbler, the black & rose gold marble finish adds a touch of class to any decor. Simply choose which fragrance you would like. Once the candle is finished you can recycle and use it in the home. 

If your choice of fragrance is not on the menu, please follow directions on our custom order page, as we can create any candle from any of our 52 fragrance options (view our Wax Melt) page for more details on each of these. 

Kevin in Heaven: Close to my heart is a combination of wild Australian flowers with hints of wattle, desert pea and amber just to name a few. This is a popular scent for both males and females.

Jorgio: Similar to that of the perfume is a feminine combination of floral and earthy tones, hints of jasmine, vanilla amber and more. This devine fragrance is one of my most popular fragrances.

Oriental Myrrh & Musk: A warm luxurious blend of myrrh and musk, complemented by floral notes of magnolia and jasmine with hints of tonka bean and amber.

Moroccan Musk: A delightful scent of ancient musk with african woody undertones, combined with bergamot, lotus, nutmeg, musk, amber and leather. Leaving the aroma of a beautiful sunny day in Morocco.

French Vanilla & Bourbon: A rich and masculine scent in a combination of refined vanilla beans, musk, malt and tonka beans. This is one of my best sellers, popular with both male and females.

Lemon myrtle: Fresh green herbal notes perfectly balanced with light citrus fruits of lemon, lime with a hint of rosemary, to create this unique Australian scent.

Thai Lime & Mango: A refreshing and zesty scent of lemon and orange peel with mouthwatering lemongrass, lemon and kaffir lime including hints of fresh pineapple, melon, grapefruit and juicy mango.This fragrance is one of my best sellers.

Coconut & Lemongrass: An exotic combination of fresh coconut and oriental lemongrass. Leaving a fresh and lingering aroma.

Lady Million: A seductive and desirable combination of floral and fresh aromas. This elegant scent is blended with orange, jasmine, rose, sweet amber, orris and musk. Similar fragrance to that of the perfume.

Black Amber & Lavender: A unique combination of french lavender and the bark of amber, added hints of vanilla, tonka beans and sage. This is one of my favourite scents, it is warm and inviting.